MODEL PL7Z10A Zynq based processing module

The PL7Z10A module is contains all power supply and integrated functionality to support small platform footprints while supply large processing capabilities using Linux, FreeRTOS or bare metal applications. The system allows connection to the external interfaces with the flexibility offered by the standard interfaces of the Zynq, including the use of the Xilinx programmable IO architecture. It is supplied with a Linux based operating system with example code to make it easy for the integrator. ProtectedLogic offers support for integrating both the software and the Fabric based systems and interfaces.
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Our processing module allows placement of the board on customer hardware with thermal paths which allow cooling through the corner mounting holes.

The unit minimizes the hardware development by supplying external power rails that are energized from a single input Battery supply level power input.

The base board development system on the left interfaces the power to the PL7Z10A module that then supplies power to the other external systems on the board.
2.0" by 1.2"

Embedded Processor Modules and Development Kit

MODEL PL7Z10A Development Board

Development of software and FPGA implementations are supported using Xilinx WebPACK and/or the Vivado Design Suite.

A download of the FREE Xilinx development environment is available using the Vivado HL WebPACK Edition software.
Xilinx Design Suite Evaluation and WebPACK