Software Development / Consulting

ProtectedLogic provides software services including implementing embedded Linux systems, developing kernel and user level drivers for custom hardware, driver integration into OSs, performance profiling and optimizing component and system level configurations. ProtectedLogic also develops full custom applications as stand alone and/or RTOS (Linux, etc.) dependent.

Hardware Development / Consulting

ProtectedLogic routinely develops hardware design using VHDL for high reliability environments that require fault tolerant functionality. We specialize in the development of complete system architectures with or without the utilization of third party IP. One example is the development of an FPGA on the iPEHG located on the International Space Station that handles Ethernet switching and supplies a gateway to ground stations. ProtectedLogic did the system design of the unit and the design of the primary control FPGA. The design of this unit required application of triple module redundancy over areas in the chip core as well as interfacing to an internal PPC for processing.

The link below shows the output of the on-board high definition cameras being converted through a gateway to be transmitted to ground systems.

ProtectedLogic Services

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Assembly Services

ProtectedLogic assembly services cover both hardware chassis and PCB subsystems. This capability includes both base assembly and rework capabilities for SMT high density BGA placement and other small pitch devices. We use this low volume production to verify designs submitted to our customers before they take them to production.

Machine Shop Services

A CNC Mill service is offered to form small outline packages. The system uses a 4-Axis capability to allow creation of complex shapes not possible on the standard 3-Axis systems. ProtectedLogic uses this capability to build complex housings and page frames that are used in miniaturized environments such as those found in pipes or internal to structural members of mechanical systems and connectors..

Company Services

Watch results of data transfer on the ISS using the iPEHG switch and gateway capabilities.