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ProtectedLogic assisted in the development of the system specification for the improved Payload Ethernet Hub Gateway (iPEHG) located on the International Space Station (ISS).

COTS hardware can be targeted to space applications if proper considerations are given to the radiation environments. ProtectedLogic has assisted our customers in qualifying a commercial Ethernet switch to operate in the ISS . We defined and executed a test plan to identify parts required replacement due to SEL and SEU. Additional attention is given to SEFI for DRAMS, FPGAs and Processors. All of these factors drove the system solutions to a proper design requirements document. After the parts program was identified, we defined changes to the COTS hardware so it could be re-designed and packaged for use on the ISS.

We designed the internal architecture and module requirements with their associated specification guidelines. The design and structure of the primary control module targeted a radiation tolerant Xilinx FPGA. ProtectedLogic worked with our customers to assist in both the hardware and software implementations.

The primary Gateway component used to transfer data to the downlinks was specified and the appropriate requirements were generated to drive the VHDL and software implementations to successful completions.

ISS iPEHG Ethernet Switch

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