Software Development and Integration

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ARM Processor Based:
     A53, R5, A9, M3
PowerPC Based:
     PPC405, PPC440, PPC750, PPC970
MicroBlaze, MIPS, ColdFire, X86, TMS320, 56K, 96K
Legacy Microprocessors are also supported
     Intel, Zilog, Motorola

Architecture & Instruction Sets

Operating Systems Experience

     Applications, Kernel modules, Device drivers
    Threads, Device Tree customization
     Inter-Process Communications
          File system
          Shared Memory
          Socket based
     Systems that require Hard Real Time
     Custom FAT file system integration
     LwIP integration
     USB integration
Full Custom OS development
     Bare Metal App with internal thread control
     Performance Profiling and optimization
First Stage Boot Loader
Boot Loaders
     U-Boot integration
     Custom retargeting of Boot Loaders
FPGA hardware Interfaces (C with underlying HDL)
Special Communications Drivers

 Critical Modules
(C and assembler based)

User Interfaces

Graphic User Interface (GUI)
   Special Test Equipment User interfaces
      Direct C and C++ implementations
      Rapid Prototyping implementations
Command Line interfaces (We still love them)

Embedded Software Design