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Software Integration

Embedded Software Integration

Our primary products are targeted to autonomous operations. The nature of the data acquired by our systems does not allow for failure during operation due to the complexity and costs to set up each run at the the user facility.

Integration complexity in most of our designs requires:
   High speed Data Acquisition with multiple simultaneous channels
   Real-time simultaneous operation of measurement and storage systems
   Dual-Core and Quad-Core Real-Time analysis during measurement
   Integrating FPGA data handling and pre-processed data storage
   Controlling Real-time states of the processing and FPGA subsystems
   Monitoring of system health with appropriate response to unhealthy issues
   Storage of massive data sets (multi TB) needed for post analysis
   High speed 10BASE-T / 100BASE-TX / 1000BASE-T download capability
   Command Line and Graphic User Interface capable.
Integrating a customer subsystem using the JTAG and command line interface.