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FPGA Development

FPGA VHDL AND Verilog Development
Commercial systems allow the use of the latest technologies available in the market. These systems allow development using environments that usually do not have radiation exposure requirements. Commercial designs usually require very high speeds with the current technologies that are not normally allowed in space or military systems. The timing constraints for these designs normally push the internal design to minimize delays and gate levels. The designs may require pipe-line configurations to assure the higher speeds can be met.
FPGA development for commercial systems.
Military systems that do not have radiation exposure requirements usually allow the use of a larger population of parts that can be targeted for the design. ProtectedLogic targets several technologies including those of Xilinx, Altera (Intel), Microsemi, and Lattice. Depending on the environment, interfaces and customer requirements the functional density may require SOC and MPSOC or discrete component integration using FPGA(s).
FPGA development for military systems.
Our designs for space mostly target the ACTEL and Xilinx FPGAs that are radiation tolerant. These designs use Triple Module Redundancy and special design approaches to assure their operation during flight in high radiation environments. Survivability of these type of designs depends on proper part selection and design of the HDL. Timing in space environments is critical because of the extreme temperatures and radiation effects. This timing degradation must be handled by the designer to assure the system will operate over life.
FPGAs development for space.
VHDL and Verilog Development Process