Our electronic design experience includes development systems with a variety of external interfaces to an array of different technologies and architectures.

We have developed high speed serial bus interfaces (electrical and optical), video DAS systems, ultra-Sound interfaces, power supplies, embedded multicore processing systems, Ethernet systems (IoT subsystems including End Point Processors, hubs, switch and controllers).

Although our experience goes back to the early micro-processor systems our current capabilities address the more advanced technologies found in the Xilinx Ultrascale & Zynq systems, the Intel Stratix & Arria systems and the Microsemi RT and SmartFusion products.

Many of our designs range upwards of 6Gb/s and require signal integrity (SI) to be performed and verified throughout the design and layout phases. ProtectedLogic uses the Altium and Cadence tool suites to perform these signal analyses.

The development targeting flexible circuit technologies allows us to maximize the functional density required for some of our customer needs. We combine our electrical and mechanical assembly experiences to allow us to address thermal design requirements and needs which exist in many of our space and under-ground applications.
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Electronic Systems Design

Total volume of electronics was required to be placed in a volume of less than 2 cubic inches. This figure shows a verification fit in a 3D printed housing to demonstrate component clearances when folded..
Embedded processing system that folds up into a volume approximately the size of a C-cell battery.

Design and Integration of digital and analog systems .