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ProtectedLogic has a 4 Axis CNC mill that we use to fabricate electronic housings, front panels, chassis structures and other miscellaneous articles such as forms and molds used in our assembly of Printed Circuit Boards and Cables.

Our primary design software is SolidWorks and we use Fusion 360 for our programming files for the CNC mill.

The 4 Axis capability allows us to fabricate complex shapes such as those required to fabricate housings for systems that are placed into very small volumes.

The mechanical drawing to the left was developed to hold our data acquisition module. This model was then used by our customer to deploy in their systems that are running today.

NOTE: The Tube on the left that the system in housed in acts as a chassis surrounding the system. This supplies a thermal heat sink, an environmental envelope for the hardware.

The overall size of the tube is slightly larger than a C-Cell battery.

Complex Machining for Electronic Housings

We implement highly integrated systems for small volumes