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ProtectedLogic has an X-Ray system that allows 5 axis viewing which we use to inspect vender supplied parts as well as to monitor out internal product quality.

In our assembly of PCBs that have SMT components which do not allow visual inspection, we use the X-Ray system to verify the attachment of the components utilizing BGA and/or Thermal Pads.

PCB inspections are also performed to determine proper stackup and attachment of layers to vias. The below figure shows an angle view of a via inspection to verify the connectivity through the entire stack.

When we POT cable assemblies, we can supply qualification data of the cable connections and workmanship to the user using X-Ray imagery.
BGA Attachment before and after solder reflow.
Thermal Pad thermal path is not evenly distributed to remove heat.
Poor Workmanship shown in a commercial COTS cable

Workmanship Inspection X-Ray System

Quality Assurance inspections for workmanship and parts receiving

Contract X-RAY Services