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Design Capabilities Document

Electronic design capabilities utilizing advanced Zynq SOC and ACTEL FPGAs.
Digital discrete and analog designs for high speed and/or high precision analog systems.
Total module designs from specification through testing.
Housing Mechanical Design (Prototypes, Deployed articles and Test Equipment)
STE specification, implementation and operation.
Generation of system and board level specifications with Validation Matrices from user spec or concepts
Generation of Concept of Operations (CONOPS) for system operation
Generation of architectural structure and interface requirements
Generation of test requirements
Generation of User interfaces
Program tracking to requirements.
Embedded Linux including Kernel, driver and application development.
FreeRTOS including unique interface and driver development Custom Low-Level software requiring addressing reconfigurable architectures.
ADA Real Time Embedded including Driver and FPGA interfaces.
NON-RTOS bare metal software development, including assembly language integration and support on ARM, PPC, MIPS, Motorola and Intel.
Application profiling and optimization.
GUI support for real time control and situation awareness for remote vehicles.
Embedded Hardware Design inclusive of (system, electronic and mechanical designs)
Embedded Software Design
Systems Design
FPGA development using VHDL targeting high reliability and fault tolerant space and ground-based designs.
FPGA Interfaces to processors that exist as MPSOC, SOC and discrete chips
FPGA User interface development for serial, parallel and optical interfaces
FPGA specialized encoders / decoders for special purpose communications
FPGA special processor modules for high speed processing or radiation tolerant functions implemented for space.
FPGA development on Xilinx, Altera and Micro-Semi products.
Assembly Services
Assembly electronic components & systems, cables and chassis per IPC standards.
PCB Assembly and rework of SMT and Through Hole technologies.
BGA and SMT pitch placement down to 0.25mm and 0201 components.
Quality Assurance using X-RAY and manual inspections to IPC standards.