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We provide X-Ray services for inspection for manufacturing defects within a manufacturers product. Our system allows using 5 dimensional positioning of the X-Ray beam to penetrate the test article. The resulting imagery allows for detailed imagery to be taken of complex assemblies that are not achieved using the standard 3 dimensional systems.

Our software allows generating imagery that can be used to detect manufacturing problems related to purchasing, parts acceptance, component assembly, manufacturing and rework resolution.

Some of the types of defects that we look for in a manufacturing processes include:

Parts Inspection
   Counterfeit chips inspection (die examination/measurement and comparison against a valid components)

PCB Inspection
   Layer Validation, Buried Via Inspection (vias size, annular ring spacing and minimum electrical clearance)
   Outer and Inner layer Route/Interconnect inspection (open/shorted/clearances)
   (misalignment[offset violates minimum electrical clearance], missing solder balls, Un-soldered balls,
   solder bridging, non-uniform terminations, Voiding in solder balls)

SMT (misalignment, shorts under components, BTC minimum electrical clearance measurements and
   Bottom Thermal Plane Termination fill & void measurements, FOD under components )
   Through Hole Component Solder inspection, via and hole fill imagery.

   (Violations of minimum electrical clearance, solder bridges, open connections, Un-soldered pins, wire routing workmanship quality, Violation of isolation clearance, Internal mechanical inspection, concealed solder connections)

   (Locating void areas caused by bubbles or improper fill of the potting cavity)

X-Ray Services

PCB, Component and Cable X-Ray Services

Contract X-Ray Service Charges
Hourly Charge $285.00/Hour (1 hour Minimum) + Images (*)
Contact Howard Waldie (505) 792-0892 x1100
(*) Standard 2D $100 per image, Special orientation imagery $150 per image. (Note: Board size limitations apply)